Heart-stopping case of saving the life of a 1-month-old newborn with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Hospitalized in critical condition, slow heart with signs of cardiac arrest, severe respiratory failure, a 1-month-old newborn baby in Minh Tan, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong was fortunate to have the team on duty in the Department of intensive resuscitation and Anti-poisoning at Hai Phong Children’s Hospital saves lives.
Information from Hai Phong Children’s Hospital has just said that on the night of the big storm (July 18), the hospital’s Intensive Care and Poison Control Department received LXH children (Minh Tan commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong). , 1 month old, predicted to die because of signs of cardiac arrest .

As soon as the above case was received, the entire team on duty focused on providing first aid to save the baby’s life. Through examination and examination, doctors found that the child had severe electrolyte disorders (low sodium, increased blood potassium). Using professional experience, the department’s team of doctors diagnosed the baby with congenital adrenal hyperplasia with acute salt wasting.

According to the patient’s family, the day before, they saw their child vomiting a lot. The family thought it was normal for children to vomit, so they subjectively did not let them see a doctor. At 10 p.m. on July 18, seeing that their child was showing signs of weakness, the family took him to a private hospital in the city for emergency treatment. However, after 1 hour of monitoring and examination, the baby’s condition was still unclear, so the family asked to transfer the baby to Hai Phong Children’s Hospital .

Right on the night of the storm, the patient LXH was given emergency treatment by the team on duty at Hai Phong Children’s Hospital. After 12 hours of handling the case, by noon on July 19, the patient with LXH showed signs of good recovery, gradually woke up, was weaned off the ventilator, was able to breastfeed but was still given oxygen.

After 11 days of emergency and treatment at Hai Phong Children’s Hospital, the patient was discharged from the hospital with the joy and happiness of the whole family and staff.

Doctor 2 Duong Van Doan – Head of Cardiology Department, Hai Phong Children’s Hospital – who directly examined and treated the pediatric patient with the team said: Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is an autosomal recessive genetic disease caused by the adrenal gland. The kidneys lack specific enzymes and cannot synthesize adrenal hormones to help the body grow and fight stress. There are two common forms of the disease: virilization and acute salt loss.

Salt wasting is a common endocrine emergency in breast-fed infants, often causing acute adrenal insufficiency. If not diagnosed and treated promptly, it can lead to dehydration, electrolyte disorders and high risk of death.

Signs of acute salt loss include: Weight loss, slow weight gain, frequent vomiting, dehydration, sunken eyes, poor feeding, and refusal to feed. Especially in the chest area, nipples and genital areas of the child are darkened. Newborn girls have a larger-than-normal clitoris and newborn boys have a larger-than-normal penis.

Therefore, Dr. Doan advises that parents in the process of caring for and raising children need to pay attention. When they see their children showing the above signs, they should immediately take them for timely examination and treatment at specialized medical facilities. deeply to avoid dangerous complications that affect the child’s health and life.

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